Altum Health is a department within the University Health Network (UHN) focusing on the delivery of health care services to injured workers and clients with third party insurance.

The revenue generated by Altum Health goes to the funding of UHN. Effectively 100% of Altum Health revenue comes back to the citizens of Ontario in the form of health care services being delivered or in support of research with the goal of improving the health care of Canadian citizens.

UHN is Canada’s premier academic research hospital with major research in numerous areas including musculoskeletal disorders, neurosciences and surgical innovation. UHN is comprised of four hospitals and has provided care to the community for more than 200 years. UHN is a major landmark in Canada’s healthcare system and a teaching hospital of the University of Toronto. As a department within UHN, Altum Health offers a unique opportunity for service provision: a responsive, customer and client-centered approach that is based on excellence and exceptional quality standards.

Altum Health has responded to the need to provide clients from across Ontario with access to quality care closer to home by introducing satellite sites. In addition to our headquarters at Toronto Western Hospital, we currently have six satellite sites (Ajax, Barrie, Hamilton, Cambridge, Mississauga, Ottawa, Sudbury and Vaughan). The geographically dispersed model of care has led to reduced travel costs, travel time, improved client satisfaction and the ability of clients to receive treatment in their communities. In order to maintain quality and ensure consistency in service delivery across all sites, Altum Health participates in an extensive accreditation process through the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). Altum Health was the first rehabilitation facility in Ontario to be accredited for multiple services in 2007 and earned the maximum 3 year accreditation for all its programs at all sites in September 2010.

CARF Canada Seal of Accreditation

CARF International accreditation demonstrates a program’s quality, transparency, and commitment to the satisfaction of the persons served. CARF International is an independent, nonprofit accreditor of health and human services.

Message from Mary Hall, Executive Director, & Nizar Mahomed, Managing Director

Altum Health has been providing innovative solutions to injured workers for over 20 years. Our aim at Altum Health is to move towards an integrated health care system where care is provided in a timely manner. Our mission, The Right Care. Always., is achieved through principles of early intervention, integrated care delivery, with a focus on excellent clinical outcomes and elimination of unnecessary care. Our objective is to provide the right care to the right client at the right time by the right provider. As we move towards that goal it will provide greater value and cost savings. The integration of care required to achieve this will minimize fragmentation and longer term complications and maximize better health care outcomes for all Ontarians.

Altum Health is poised to make a significant change in how health care is delivered to in Ontario. Our results and clinical outcomes speak for themselves. Our outcomes show that we have significant success in helping people achieve a high quality of life. Our results are dramatically better than the established literature which we attribute to our integrated model of care which incorporates the holistic biopsychosocial approach. We believe in setting the standards of care across Ontario and Canada. In doing so we will support our vision of Leading the New Way in Canadian Health.