Frequently Asked Questions - For VAC Case Managers

At what point should I consider making a referral for rTMS?

Veterans who have tried 1-2 or more medication trials of adequate dose and duration in combination with counselling with limited success are good candidates for a referral for rTMS. Veterans who have been unable or unwilling to tolerate medication may also be suitable.

Who is a good candidate for rTMS?

Good candidates for rTMS have unipolar or bipolar depression as a primary diagnosis, and have a history of episodic rather than chronic lifelong depression. Good candidates will have had overlying life stressors (for example, divorce or loss of loved one) at least somewhat optimized prior to treatment, are sufficiently motivated and reliable to adhere to the schedule of treatments, and reside within easy commuting distance of the clinic. Ideally, a plan for psychiatric follow-up (medications, individual or group therapy) should be arranged prior to or during the course of treatment, to reduce the risk of relapse.

How do I make a referral?

On the Referrals tab of this website you will find an online form that can be completed and submitted electronically. Our clinic will contact the referred veteran to schedule an appointment. We aim to maintain wait times of less than 10 days from the receipt of the referral to the initial assessment appointment. Suitable candidates can begin treatment within 1-2 weeks of assessment.

Whom should I contact for further information?

For further information please review the background material in the other sections of this website, and in the event of further questions please get in touch with us at 1-888-400-7094 using the clinic’s contact information.

Can I schedule a visit to observe an rTMS treatment session?

We are pleased to arrange for interested Case Managers to visit the clinic and observe rTMS treatment. Please contact our clinic at 1-888-400-7094 to make an appointment.

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