Return to Work Coordination & Planning

  • Return to Work Coordination is a service that recognizes that there are functional barriers and flags that impact upon timely return to work for those who have sustained an injury (occupational or non-occupational). The goal of the service is to prevent or minimize lost work time through the quickest acquisition and dissemination of clinical and non-clinical information. We then use this information to develop a treatment plan with the employee, employer and any other third parties, such as unions and insurers. Ongoing communication, along with a detailed written plan is of paramount importance to the early identification and resolution of disability and work-related issues. These are key to ensuring successful disability management outcomes. Return to Work Services, and related recommendations, are evidence-based and cost-effective.

For More Information or To Make a Referral Contact

Who To Refer

  • Employees who are off work or struggling at work
  • Employees who are having difficulty with their job demands or hours
  • Employees who do not have a set return to work plan or progression towards return to work
  • Employees who have had difficulty progressing from part-time modified work duties back to their pre-injury job