Remote Access

Having difficulty? We realize that change takes time. The old portal is available here for a limited time. We'd appreciate the chance to work with you resolve any issues and fine-tune this new portal while we all make this transition, so please report your issues and your preferences. Call 416-581-7777.


  How does this work?

There are several ways to check in and access internal or protected resources from afar. Identify your options by choosing your identity. Are you Altum Health staff or are you an Assessor? Browse below to choose your options and tools for accessing Windows desktops & servers, internal web applications and internal websites remotely.


  I'm Not Using Windows

If you are viewing this page with a Windows device, you have a built-in Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) client. Otherwise you may need to install one.

Remote Access - Full Portal

  How does this work?

This is the authenticator for the full remote access portal that serves both staff and our collaborators. You will need one-time passwords (OTPs) to proceed. One-time passwords are temporary passwords used only once to gain a window of opportunity to connect to resources that would otherwise be reachable only from inside the network. Once you use a password, it is no longer valid. Upon unlocking your portal, some resources may require additional credentials (desktops, web applications, etc.). If you do not already have one-time passwords, please call the Helpdesk at 416-581-7777 for assistance.