Medical Records requests

Altum Health (AH) adopts the same policy, interpretation and procedure for clients who choose to access their record in accordance with UHN’s Patient Access to the Medical Record - UHN policy Link, however due to the outpatient nature of the services we provide we have the following procedures we follow:

1. All clients have the right to access their record. It is highly recommended that clients review relevant records with the assistance of their Altum Health clinicians who have prepared the reports. Clients who are no longer attending treatment (inactive clients) can review reports with their family physician or the referral source to obtain copies of reports.
2. If the Client is requesting their records from Altum Health, the client will need to provide identification to ensure that records are being released to the correct individual. Only records pertaining to Altum Health services will be released.
3. It is important to note that a physician or regulated health professional may object to the disclosure on the grounds that access to the client record would be detrimental to the health of the client.
4. Prior to any request being granted, the following must occur:
a. Client should complete the form authorizing the request , sign it and provide to a Client Service Representative (CSR)
b. CSR will bring the request to the attention of the regulated health care professionals (HCP) involved in the circle of care at AH within 24 hours
c. The HCP will review and determine that records are complete and that they can be released
d. CSR pulls the AH generated reports and determines fee to the client
e. Client pays a nominal fee to cover the costs of the photocopying
f. The request if filed in the client record
5. If the request is for one specific report and the client has questions about the clinical services and recommendations provided, the HCP/clinician will review it together with the client and provide the client with a copy free of charge.
6. If the request is for the entire AH client record, there is a fee to be charged for administrative costs. The CSR will inform the client of the fees and collect such fees. Fee to the client is $30. The fee must be obtained prior to processing the request.
7. For WSIB clients - If the client is directed to obtain reports from WSIB - WSIB typically follows this process:
a. For a specific report, WSIB case manager will provide to the client within 1 week by mail or fax.
b. If the client is requesting their entire file or numerous reports, this can take up to 2 months as they use an access system internally that prints this off.
8. Employers - If a client’s employer makes a request for the file, it will be filtered and vetted as per client consent. Not all of the client records will be provided to the employer based on consent and privacy of information.

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