Physiotherapy & Other Services

Altum Health offers a full range of services in Physiotherapy, Hand Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Concussion Management, Registered Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Orthotics and Bracing. Show

Employer Services

Altum Health's top rehabilitation experts provide employers with evidence-based assessments, clear recommendations and treatment solutions that enhance our clients’ ability to lead healthy lives. Learn More

Insurer Services

Altum Health's dedicated team of experts work closely with case managers to address individual client needs at the clinic, workplace and in the community, with a focus on returning the client to a healthy and productive lifestyle. Learn More

Work Related Injury Programs & Services

Altum Health’s individualized programs and services are designed to help injured workers with physical, psychosocial and behavioural issues, in order to facilitate a safe and sustainable return to work. Show

Government Services

Altum Health works with various government agencies to provide innovative & enhanced services that meet the needs of their clients. Our CARF-accredited Interdisciplinary Pain Program provides a goal-directed approach to chronic pain management. Learn More

Family Physicians

Altum Health helps family physicians manage their injured patients by providing rapid access to specialists, diagnostic tests and other resources. Learn More