WSIB Regional Evaluation Centre (Toronto Western Hospital)

Altum Health is a provider of the WSIB Regional Evaluation Centre services at our Toronto Western Hospital Site. Services include the multidisciplinary health care assessments and non-economic loss evaluations. Learn More

WSIB Non-Specialty, Programs of Care & Assessment Services

Altum Health offers a number of single provider, non-specialty assessment and treatment services including the WSIB Program of Care, independent medical evaluations and functional ability evaluations. Learn More

Outpatient Physiotherapy

Located across from Toronto Western Hospital, Altum Health's Outpatient Physiotherapy offers a full range of physiotherapy services including Acupuncture and Massage Therapy, Pain Control Strategies and Customized Exercise Programs. With convenient hours of operation, assessments and treatment can be provided within 48 hours.

WSIB Psychology File Reviews, Referrals

WSIB Case Managers can submit referral forms via fax to 416-603-2474 Fax should be directed to Altum Health WSIB Access Services