Occupational Rehabilitation

  • Altum Health's Occupational Rehabilitation program identifies, addresses, and reduces, when possible, risks of injury, re-injury, disease, and illness for a safe return to work. The program encourages clients to assume responsibility for the self-management of their own health care plans, in collaboration with all relevant stakeholders. Information about the scope of the services and the outcomes achieved is shared by the program with stakeholders.

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Who To Refer

  • Clients who are currently not working or having difficulty with their job demands or hours
  • Clients whose functional abilities do not match their job functional or cognitive job demands (generally those with medium to heavy physical demand level jobs and/or jobs that require considerable cognitive abilities)
  • Clients who have had difficulty progressing from part time modified work duties back to their pre-injury job
  • Clients who require improvement in their functional tolerances to be able to meet their essential job demands

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