Legal Disclaimer

Altum Health strives to meet all legal obligations and expectations. In addition clinicians are held to regulatory standards and obligations.

Altum Health has experience in managing and responding to the medico/legal environment in which health services currently exist. Our clinicians understand relevant Ontario legislation, the Ontario judicial process and alternate dispute resolution processes. In addition, our physicians are familiar with serving as expert witnesses to provide information in their fields of expertise as appropriate.

Medical/Legal Testimony. The Altum Health physicians providing the medical evaluations are aware of the responsibility that they have to address any legal challenges that may arise from their medical findings. Altum Health physicians are available to provide their testimony in this regard as requested from referring agencies, employers and others as identified.

Legal Affairs

Altum Health and our clinicians are able to access the services of UHN's Legal Affairs and Risk Management Office to obtain support and guidance in regard to legal challenges arising out of medical assessments provided through our programs and services.

In addition to the insurance coverage offered by UHN, each Altum Health professional and physician is required to obtain his or her own professional liability insurance. Maintaining recent copies of this insurance on the physician's credentialing file or the health care professional's personnel file ensures this standard is met.

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