Interdisciplinary Pain Program

  • Altum Health's CARF accredited Interdisciplinary Pain Program provides an interdisciplinary approach to chronic pain management for those that have not returned to work within usual course of recovery (3-4 months from time of injury or accident) or those struggling while at work. The program is time limited and goal directed, with a cognitive behavioural and functional restoration focus.

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Who To Refer

  • Reporting no control over pain, extremely high pain, catastrophizing, feelings of sadness, useless, unneeded; medication issues, irregular activity patterns or activity avoidance; reliance on aids and/or passive towards rehabilitation
  • Job includes heavy job duties, shift work, lack of modified duties, job dissatisfaction, belief that pain must be eliminated to return, employer has minimal or no contact
  • History of prior claims, time off work, recurrences, claim in question and lack of financial incentives to return to work
  • Conflicting diagnoses, treatment does not improve function, dissatisfaction with previous treatment, health care providers that advise against working

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