Altum Health provides:

How to Make a Referral

  • By phone: Call our Referral Line 1-888-400-7094 or directly contact the clinic most convenient to you.
  • By Fax: Send your referral by fax to 1-888-400-7094.
  • Online: Click Here

WSIB Referrals

  • Contact the WSIB Case Manager associated with your patient’s claim to provide recommendations
  • Include recommendation in any reporting
  • In order to request the expedited referral using the WSIB Health Professional’s Progress Report (Form 26), for Question #7 you can:
    1) Check “Yes” and 2) Circle “Specialty Clinic”

Who is appropriate for referral to WSIB Specialty Programs?

When risk factors for chronic disability are present:

  1. 1) High pain intensity and multiple pain sites, functional disability and pain behaviours
  2. 2) Emotional variables (depression, anger, anxiety, etc.)

Job dissatisfaction or the perception of a difficult job; not having modified work available and/or having a physically demanding job and having previous occurrences and previous claims