An Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) provides a thoroughly objective, impartial assessment of a client's diagnosis, prognosis and recommendations for recovery.
Altum Health offers employers a variety of Injury Prevention education for their employees. Designed to your needs, they are delivered by experienced clinicians including Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Kinesiologists, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapists.
Post Offer Employment Testing is used to evaluate whether an employee is able to meet the essential physical demands of an occupation.
The goal of the service is to prevent or minimize lost work time through the quickest acquisition and dissemination of clinical and non-clinical information.
Utilizing the Isernhagen Work Well protocol, a Functional Abilities Evaluation (FAE) is designed to objectively determine whether an employee is able to return to a pre-accident or alternate occupation.
Worksite Services customizes a return to work plan with the employee, employer, union representative and/or other stakeholders.
The goal of the Ergonomic Assessment is to provide specific recommendations about occupational hazards and highlight issues that may contribute to musculoskeletal disorders or injury.
Early Intervention Services are designed to assess and treat workplace injuries within 48 hours of injury. The goal is to provide the right care to the employee to promote optimal recovery, to reduce the risk of re-injury, and to minimize risk for both the employee and employer.
Altum Health's Occupational Rehabilitation program identifies, addresses, and reduces, when possible, risks of injury, re-injury, disease, and illness for a safe return to work.
Recognizing the large personal and societal burden of mental illness, substance and work-related stress, Altum Health’s Mental Health Activation Program provides an evidence-based continuum of services to address these issues.
Altum Health's CARF accredited Interdisciplinary Pain Program provides an interdisciplinary approach to chronic pain management for those that have not returned to work within usual course of recovery (3-4 months from time of injury or accident) or those struggling while at work.
Altum Health’s Same Day Access service provides employers with direct access to an “on call” health professional with whom they can contact for immediate assistance in the event of an injury or illness, in order to clarify the health care needs of the employee.